Psychosynthesis is the kind of therapy I am primarily trained in. It’s a distinctive way of working and is also integrative – meaning that is open to learning from and drawing on other styles and approaches.

Psychosynthesis seeks to include the whole of you – thoughts, feelings and body. While it treats all suffering with deep compassion, it also encourages us to pay attention to what might be trying to emerge from a moment of pain or crisis. Perhaps there is some part of you that has been neglected for too long and is calling out to be heard; perhaps an old way of being isn’t working anymore?

I work from the belief that you are knowledgeable about what you need, however lost you may sometimes feel, and I will seek to support you in tuning into your inner wisdom and resources.

Psychosynthesis is a creative and versatile kind of therapy, and I will seek to adapt my practice to what feels most appropriate to you.

Psychosynthesis was founded by the Italian psychoanalyst, medical doctor, and linguist Roberto Assagiolo (1888-1974). Assagioli trained with Sigmund Freud, before developing his own style of therapy which includes influences from Eastern and Western philosophies. If you would like to know more about this approach, feel free to ask me about it when we meet.